Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Looks from Life - Books

I love books - not only the words within, but the colors and textures of each cover, and how they sit together on a shelf. I may not have much time to read, but I can at least admire their exteriors!

I thought the colors of the stack below would make a lovely outfit...

A little yellow, a bit of burgundy, and some cobalt & orange, all laid on top of some gray. How's this for a casual outing to the library?

There's quite a bit of beige in the photograph (and you all know how much I love beige), but I decided to focus more on the other colors in the picture. I tried to echo the soft texture of old books by incorporating softer materials such as corduroy (pants), cashmere (cardigan), and weathered leather (messenger bag). The colors may be more of an autumn palette, but the top and flats say spring is on the way! Wrap the cardigan with the blue belt and you're all set.


Gray cardigan - Miu Miu
Red-orange flats - Dolly
Blue belt - Bottega Veneta
Yellow lace collar blouse - Milly
Burgundy corduroys - Alvin Valley
Leather messenger bag - (brand unknown)


  1. personally, i especially enjoy library books. they (usually) smell yummy.

  2. You are brilliant. When I have money one day or win a shopping spree I want you to come with me. That way I have awesome outfits and not just "clothes."