Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My friend, bride-to-be Melissa, is a huge fan of letterpress, so I thought I would put together a collage of some beautiful invitation and save-the-date options.

While ultra-swoonworthy, letterpress can also be ultra-expensive. For an inexpensive DIY option, buy a silkscreen and some photo emulsion paint to create your own invitations by screening your design onto the paper. It sounds tricky, but if used correctly, the photo emulsion paint will make the design come out perfectly. You can also do multiple colored prints (although it helps to have good spatial skills!). It may not have the same texture as letterpress (slightly raised instead of sunken in), but it will still look oh-so-professional. Trust me. If you have any questions or concerns about this (or would like some direction in invitation design - or would like to hire me to design something!) don't hestitate to ask! If enough people inquire, I would be happy to post a silkscreening tutorial here in the near future.


1. Bird On A Branch, Pistachio Press (Etsy)
2. Watermark Letterpress, Elum Designs - great for those of you obsessed with typography
3. Save the Date, Invited Ink (Etsy)
4. Vintage Postcard, Golden Rectangle Press (Etsy) - my personal favorite!
5. Save the Date, LHCalligraphy
6. Columbine, Eden Invitations (Etsy)
7. Headline Letterpress, Elum Designs


  1. oh letterpress why so pricey? i heart you so! the vintage postcard is my favorite too! reminds me of bird and banner's work:

  2. Paige - you know Stephanie has a good friend who is a letterpress printer. Have you two nerded out about this?!?! Molly