Friday, March 27, 2009

Looks from Life - Red Peony

You may have noticed my slight obsession with peonies, but I really would have picked this photograph no matter what kind of flower sat sadly in that bowl of water. It's the beautiful red-orange that really caught my eye.

Spring had better be here soon, otherwise I'm going to get pouty, just like this little flower. Yesterday morning was filled with the most beautiful light we've had here in Seattle in quite a few weeks; but, unfortunately, the sun pulled the clouds over its sleepy head again and left us with the same cold gray. This flower, however, despite its mopey tone, energized me and made me optimistic for spring again.

"Not For Sale" by Petit Poney

Even though this gray is probably going to stay around awhile longer, I've made an outfit very much inspired by late-spring, moving into the warmer days of summer.

The t-shirt and shorts create a bit of a too-cutesy look, but the brown tones in the other pieces bring it back down to earth. A comfy, casual look, great for a flea market trip (and the bag is big enough to fit all of your great finds)!


Brown cardigan - J.Crew
Peach t-shirt - James Perse
Honor Roll tote - Kenneth Cole
Extra-long tigerwood beaded necklace - Via Nativa
Red button tab linen bow shorts - (via
Huarache sandals - Blue Asphalt


  1. After vowing to not buy another pair of shoes for at least one month, I couldn't control myself when I saw those sandals. Spring is really getting to me. This is all your fault.

  2. They're so versatile that you really shouldn't feel guilty. :)
    They'll go with everything! Dresses, jeans, shorts... the list goes on! Hmmm, maybe I should do a little post on the various looks they could go with...

  3. omg PLEASE dress me!!! i absolutely love love love these pieces