Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looks from Life - Something Blue

Some may find this look to be boring, but me? I think it is perfectly classy and put-together.

I tried my best to track down the blouse from Brigitte Sire's photograph from earlier this morning, but the closest I could come up with was the Lydia blouse from j.crew (seriously, people, where would I be without my j?).

As I mentioned before, I don't think I could handle the hot pants (I had a very bad experience in high school during a dance performance...), but this black high-waisted Alexander McQueen pencil skirt provides the same feel while being a bit more modest.

Sure, the beauty in the photograph is barefoot, but these black patent leather Miu Miu slingbacks work perfectly if you plan on actually getting out of bed (but who would ever want to?). I'm a huge fan of different variations of black flats, and these are a great complement to the rest of the look.

For the tote, I looked for a color reminiscent of the bedroom walls in the photograph, and one that would go well with the muted tone of the blouse. It's also made of a soft leather, similar to the bed's comfy sheets.

You could easily spice up the look with a bright silk scarf tied around your neck or the strap of the tote. For a more winter-appropriate version, wear some black tights with some black flat boots these (from the Celeste post - I changed my mind) and a cozy pea coat.

What do you think?


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