Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Cloudy Collection: Volume 1, Collection 1

Take a look at Volume 1, Collection 1 of The Cloudy Collection, a new letterpress/illustration project by David Huyck and some of his artist friends. A new limited edition collection will be released each quarter, but get your hands on the first one quickly!

The entire collection of seven prints are available for only $35, and part of the proceeds go to The Nature Conservancy. Such a great price (and cause) for original letterpress prints! Perfect as a cluster on one wall, or scattered throughout a home, tying it all together subtly. I definitely picked this up for my developing collection.

Also, a reminder to check out Honey Huckabee, and mention Swoonworthy upon check-out to receive $10 off per print!


1 comment:

  1. I love the tiger print. It reminds me of a book my Grandma read me when I was little. I think it was my Dad's or my Aunt's, so it had to be from the 60s. OMG.. SWOON!