Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thrifted Thursdays - Mid-Century Modern Chair

After writing my post on thrifting, I've decided to have a regular feature, Thrifted Thursdays, where I show off a different item I have found during my trips to Goodwill and Value Village (Pacific Northwest thrift store chain), and even things from Craig's List.

Today's item is this mid-century modern chair I bought last fall. It had been upholstered in a strange, fuzzy (sort of like weird synthetic mohair), floral fabric in reds and oranges that didn't quite go with my living room's aesthetic...

But I saw its potential in its beautiful wood lines and bought it anyway for only $25!

I recovered it with fabric I already owned (probably completely incorrectly) for a cleaner look. It's wide and low-slung, making it a great reading chair in this sunny corner of my living room. (And yes, I realize I need to hem my drapes... and the holiday lights have since been taken down from the window.)

What do you think? What are some of your favorite thrifted items?



  1. Terrific chair w/scan influence. I am a chair addict. I snagged a 60's lounge style chair at a junk shop on Roosevelt. Saw it sitting on the side walk needing serious love. It's wide & low with no arms. I upholstered it using a zebra Ralph Lauren sheet for my teens bedroom in Seattle. Her room was painted Tiffany blue & had a killer chandelier. Now it's sitting here in Texas in it's new teen pad! Love your Thursday idea!!

  2. I have so many! Vintage cameras, my ugly old yellow velvet chair, typewriters, etc.

    Great find!