Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I daydream a lot...

...of different projects I want to make.
...of what I could be "when I grow up" (although I'm starting to think this never actually happens).
...of new recipes I want to try.

I also make a lot of lists, oftentimes of the aforementioned things. These lists always have checkboxes next to each item. Being able to make the little ch-check! mark is like my little reward for completing a task (yes, I realize this is very, very silly).

One box, however, that I just cannot seem to check off is the infamous photo-a-day challenge. No matter how many times I have tried, I always end up missing a day. Or two. Or nine... (The realization I have forgotten is often accompanied by a firm smack of the forehead the next morning.)

Now, taking one picture a day doesn't seem like it would be too difficult; but taking time to create a nice, thoughtful composition is actually a real challenge when you are faced with other "more important" (pfft...) tasks throughout the day. Plus, good lighting is necessary, but that's simply not available at all hours of the day and may not be around when you're finally able to take your photo.

This conundrum is why I present to you the following fantastic photo-a-day projects, all of which seem very successful (some are in progress, while others are completed from a previous year).

The lovely and oh-so-creative self-portraiture of Jude Hathaway

Fellow Seattleite, Kate Sawyer

And here's another great collection, but, sadly, the photos wouldn't load properly (reminds me of when I was sixteen).

I will check this box, I promise. And I never break my promises (even if they may take a bit longer to accomplish).

Have you ever tried to do this?



  1. Noah Kalina took a picture of himself every day for 6 years and then made a video. It's kind of creepy cool:

    Apparently, he's still doing it too:

  2. I actually saw this while searching for albums! Thanks for posting the link.

  3. I totally try and do this, but it is just so hard! I use the same exact excuses... lighting, messy house, no photopgrapher, no time. The list goes on. One of these days, I'd really like to buckle down and just DO IT, but who knows?! :)