Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh so self-involved - The Celeste Edition

After my post about items that share my name, my friend, Celeste, told me she did some searching and there was absolutely nothing cute named after her. Well, I was determined to prove her wrong, so I did some searching on my own...

Look what I found!

Even though each item could be considered bland because of their coloring, what makes them all great is how each item has some sort of texture, pattern, or shine. I love combining otherwise untextured, "plain" outfits with accessories high in texture or other unique quality. It's a really nice contrast and makes your accessories pop even more than usual. (Oh, and just in case you missed them, those ankle boots are to-die-for, not to mention affordable at $80. That alligator bag, on the other hand? $6,500. *gulp* That's okay, though. Real reptile skin accessories sort of give me the willies.)

Post a comment with your name and I'll track down some items for you! Come on, don't be shy!


1. Jimmy Choo Celeste Metallic Watersnake handbag
2. Derek Lam Celeste tassel clutch
3. B. Romanek "The Celeste" feathered clutch
4. Report Celeste ankle boot
5. Cole Haan Air Celeste ballet flat
6. April in Paris Celeste alligator bag

1 comment:

  1. I found a really cute apron that had my name and I own a hat with my name but I haven't seen anything else. Do me! -Grace