Monday, March 9, 2009

Sustenance - Art as Food, Food as Art

Yesterday the boyfriend and I went down to the Pike Place Market on the Seattle waterfront. It was so sunny and all the produce looked amazing! We picked up fresh snapper, asparagus, and the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes I have ever seen and made a lovely dinner for two.

When I cook, I often like to play food stylist, or channel Molly from Orangette, and try to take pretty food pictures (see my attempt below of some steamed artichokes from earlier last week... with a little Photoshopping).

Sure, I'm no pro, but at least I'm practicing! I sure wish I could airbrush out that kitchen backsplash in real life - hooray for apartment living...

The aforementioned Molly writes my favorite food blog of all time. She posts weekly on Tuesdays, unforgettable words and images of her forays in cooking. Her Flickr photostream is so dreamy, full of muted Polaroids, like mini oil paintings. I easily get lost in them (in the best of ways!). I'm also obsessed with her blog because she, too, is from Seattle, and I am so much in love with this city that it seems I automatically love anyone else who loves it, too. So much love!

Anyway, I have added some swoonworthy Polaroids from her photostream & blog below. I hope you will find these photos to be as wonderful as I do, and take a minute to stop by Orangette. Even if you don't enjoy cooking, it may very well change your mind.

On an entirely different note, yesterday was the start of daylight saving time - sure, we lost an hour of sleep, but it stayed light for so long into the evening! It was still a little light at seven o'clock, even! Spring and summer are on their way! I can't wait! (How's that for exclamation point usage?)



  1. Are you going to go to one of her book release parties/signings?

  2. I'm definitely planning on it! I was so sad to have missed last week's, but I'm going to try to attend when she circles back to Seattle. I'm also excited about the new restaurant she and her husband are opening (a pizzeria called Delancy) in the spring!