Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Cloudy Collection: Volume 1, Collection 1

Take a look at Volume 1, Collection 1 of The Cloudy Collection, a new letterpress/illustration project by David Huyck and some of his artist friends. A new limited edition collection will be released each quarter, but get your hands on the first one quickly!

The entire collection of seven prints are available for only $35, and part of the proceeds go to The Nature Conservancy. Such a great price (and cause) for original letterpress prints! Perfect as a cluster on one wall, or scattered throughout a home, tying it all together subtly. I definitely picked this up for my developing collection.

Also, a reminder to check out Honey Huckabee, and mention Swoonworthy upon check-out to receive $10 off per print!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Honey Huckabee - Photo print discount!

Back at the end of February, I posted this "Look From Life" featuring a beautiful photograph of some pink peonies by Shannon of Honey Huckabee. All of her pieces have such a soft glow to them, and offer some beautiful glimpses at otherwise ordinary, everyday settings.

With that little introduction, I'm happy to announce my first Swoonworthy special!

Shannon has offered a $10-off discount (per print!) to those who mention Swoonworthy when they make a purchase from her brand new online store! Her images would be a perfect addition to any collection. Go ahead and take a peek! You'll be glad you did.


Ruby Slippers

On Saturday evening I went to Seattle's McCaw Hall to see my friend perform in the Seattle Men's Chorus, "Singing... in the Rain" show, with special guest Debbie Reynolds. The performance showcased songs from the golden age of Hollywood musicals, and included some fantastic "choral-ography" and tap dancing!

One of my favorites was the classic tribute to Judy Garland, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," sung beautifully by Debbie, who, all the while, glamourously paraded around the stage in a floor-length red sparkly dress.

I hadn't thought back to her performance until today when a friend of mine mentioned that her next item she plans on buying will be some shiny red flats. The song immediately popped back into my head!

Take a look at these fun twists on the famous, magical slippers. Much more appropriate for everyday wear, I must say. They're a fantastic transitional piece from winter to spring. Also, the patent leather texture is perfect for sudden springtime downpours!


1. Dolce & Gabbana red patent leather flats
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs patent mouse flats
3. Seychelles Petticoat flats
4. Classified patent cut-out flats
5. Charlotte Russe belted patent flats
6. See by Chloe patent pumps with ID tag
7. Miss Selfridge red patent tassel loafer (via missselfridge.com)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Looks from Life - Red Peony

You may have noticed my slight obsession with peonies, but I really would have picked this photograph no matter what kind of flower sat sadly in that bowl of water. It's the beautiful red-orange that really caught my eye.

Spring had better be here soon, otherwise I'm going to get pouty, just like this little flower. Yesterday morning was filled with the most beautiful light we've had here in Seattle in quite a few weeks; but, unfortunately, the sun pulled the clouds over its sleepy head again and left us with the same cold gray. This flower, however, despite its mopey tone, energized me and made me optimistic for spring again.

"Not For Sale" by Petit Poney

Even though this gray is probably going to stay around awhile longer, I've made an outfit very much inspired by late-spring, moving into the warmer days of summer.

The t-shirt and shorts create a bit of a too-cutesy look, but the brown tones in the other pieces bring it back down to earth. A comfy, casual look, great for a flea market trip (and the bag is big enough to fit all of your great finds)!


Brown cardigan - J.Crew
Peach t-shirt - James Perse
Honor Roll tote - Kenneth Cole
Extra-long tigerwood beaded necklace - Via Nativa
Red button tab linen bow shorts - (via TopShop.com)
Huarache sandals - Blue Asphalt

No doubt about it...


Tony Maticevski
(via Childhood Flames - I have a feeling this 14-year old girl is going to be famous someday...)

Sure they're a little over-the-top, but so perfectly so!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Would you ever? / Have you ever? - Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals. Sometimes I think they would be so cool.

Celebs seem to pull it off... right?

However, I worry I would just end up looking like this:

Especially because I have large dancer calves.
(I mean, they're called "gladiator sandals" for a reason...)

And sometimes, they remind me a little of this:

You know, with all those leather straps?

Well, what do you think? Have you ever worn them? Are they comfortable? If you haven't worn them, would you?


1. Dolce Vita Marcel flat sandals
2. Giuseppe Zanotti Gladiator ankle boot
3. Brown Python Gladiator sandals
4. Gladiator heel (via Delia's - I actually think these would be doable. They're a little less gladiator-y.)
5. Dolce & Gabbana back zip-up sandals

Thrifted Thursdays - Mid-Century Modern Chair

After writing my post on thrifting, I've decided to have a regular feature, Thrifted Thursdays, where I show off a different item I have found during my trips to Goodwill and Value Village (Pacific Northwest thrift store chain), and even things from Craig's List.

Today's item is this mid-century modern chair I bought last fall. It had been upholstered in a strange, fuzzy (sort of like weird synthetic mohair), floral fabric in reds and oranges that didn't quite go with my living room's aesthetic...

But I saw its potential in its beautiful wood lines and bought it anyway for only $25!

I recovered it with fabric I already owned (probably completely incorrectly) for a cleaner look. It's wide and low-slung, making it a great reading chair in this sunny corner of my living room. (And yes, I realize I need to hem my drapes... and the holiday lights have since been taken down from the window.)

What do you think? What are some of your favorite thrifted items?


In the Boudoir

Someday I will have a fabulous dressing room all to myself, complete with a chaise lounge, chandelier, and wine fridge!

Oh, right, and all of my clothing and accessories. Can't forget those!

And, of course, this dressing room will also be filled with beautiful art...



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Square-Shaped Elephant in the Room

Alright. I'll try to put this as delicately as possible.

Brace yourselves.

The boyfriend wants a new TV.

As someone who doesn't watch much television (aside from the occasional episode of The Office), I would be perfectly fine getting rid of our current one altogether and just not replacing it. It's not very appealing to look at (a big huge cube of silver plastic) as we haven't jumped on the flatscreen bandwagon; and while a new TV would look much nicer, I would rather save the money for a down-payment on a house (every little bit helps, right?).

Anyway, I know I'm probably not going to win this one, so I've been trying to come up with ways to better camouflage the behemoth he has in mind.

I've thought about buying a cabinet to hide it in, but I didn't want a huge looming piece of furniture in our already small-ish living room (which triples as our entry area and my desk area - semi-enthusiastic hooray for multi-use spaces!).

I had been planning on putting a few prints up on the wall behind the TV, but it wasn't until I came across Kim Johnson's house tour on Apartment Therapy (via My Little-Way) and found this fabulous idea that I thought to cover the entire wall with larger prints to make the television blend in perfectly!

It looks as if it's one of the prints! Genius! I have a few unframed pieces already, waiting to go up, but I'd like to hold off until I have a few more so it doesn't look too patchy. The pieces in the picture have a primarily lighter palette; however, it might also look nice to incorporate darker colors and make the blank television screen blend in a little more, especially when our walls are a creamy white color.

Now all I need is your help! What are your favorite sources for art? Who are your favorite artists? To frame these (hopefully) soon-to-be acquired pieces, I recently came across this simple, inexpensive way to ("framelessly") frame your own pieces instead of spending your entire paycheck on custom framing.



Head on over to one of my most favorite blogs, coco+kelley, and check out my guest blogger post from late yesterday afternoon!

My mission: to recreate a designer deskscape look with cheap, yet chic, items...

Thank you, Cassandra, for giving me the opportunity to contribute to your fabulous blog!


P.S. I hope you enjoy it! I'm a little nervous... the butterflies are going nuts in my stomach.

A nice ring to it...

I used to wear a couple of rings on an everyday basis, but then I went through a phase where I decided I wouldn't have anything on my hands. A clean slate. Now, however, I've been thinking about spicing up my jewelry collection, specifically in the ring department.

I have a few rings that I wear on occasion, but nothing really "fun" that tops off an outfit well. This selection feels very versatile to me, but still has a creative edge. As you can probably tell, I'm drawn to more organic shapes, as well as nature-inspired pieces (my dad is just like the Survivorman guy on the Discovery channel, so I attribute this gravitation to my "wild" upbringing).

I kept with the silver and gold palette because of the aforementioned versatility. They're generally viewed as neutrals and can therefore be paired with almost anything.

A personal tip on how to successfully combine different metals and look more pulled together: I don't usually mix my metals unless they're various shades of the same tone, such as warmer yellows and coppers, or varying shades of silver.

Which one of the rings above is your favorite?


1. Alex Monroe three-flower ring:
My absolute favorite. I am obsessed with his jewelry. It's really too bad it's a bit too expensive for me right now. My birthday is coming up in November, hint hint... that will give you some time to save up. *grin*

2. Signature leopard ring by Daphna Simon:
I featured this ring before in my nature-inspired accessories post back in February. I thought it would be a perfect addition to this collection!

3. Buttercup cluster ring:
These little flowers have itty bitty diamonds at each center. Translation: this piece is way out of my price range.

4. Large gold Fossil flower ring:
Sadly, this isn't available on their website anymore, but perhaps some eBay-ing might unearth something...

5. Large bow ring:
Judging from its price ($8.00) this one will probably turn your finger green, but I think it's pretty darn cute.

6. Fred Flare silver bow ring:
I have been coveting this ring for a couple of years(!) now... maybe it's time to do something about it...

7. Oxidized silver three arrow ring:
The process of intentionally oxidizing sterling silver is so interesting to me. I love how it gives an entirely new effect to such a common metal.

8. Love letter ring:
Yes, this one is ultra expensive because it's YSL, but it was just too adorable not to include. For some reason it reminded me a little of this by Yellow Goat Jewelry.

9. Octapus ring:
This would be more of a casual ring, and those of you who are squeamish might not like it as much, but I think octopi are
so cool. (And yes, I also loved science class as a kid. N-E-R-D.)

10. Silver belt / buckle ring:
I've always thought this idea was cute.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looks from Life - Vintage Hairspray Cans

I love perusing Flickr to get inspired... today's inspiration? Hairspray.

Hairspray, really?

Well, sure, the actual hairspray product itself may be a little random, and some people may have simply passed this photograph by; but the color palette is what immediately jumped out at me! It screamed spring, so I decided to go on a little hunt of spring wardrobe items inspired by these colors...

(click to enlarge)

I wouldn't combine these items into a single outfit, but I wanted to pick out a few pieces that incorporated the photograph's colors. I love, love, love the dress at the top, especially when accented with the little belt! And I just had to add a yellow umbrella to accompany the red trench. You never know when you'll need one with these rainy Seattle springs!


"Vintage Cans," by Saida da Concha

Peach belted dress, Red trench, Light blue cap toe flats, Dark blue blouse

Are you a Thrifter?

I know I'm constantly posting outfits made nearly entirely out of designer items - Louboutin flats, Miu Miu dresses, etc, etc.

However... I would like to clarify that, even though I talk about these items nonstop, and continue to list them (and continue to daydream for day on end about them), I don't actually get to dress like this on a day-to-day basis (shocking, I know).

To be honest, I am probably the biggest thrifter I know. I love the challenge of finding "the good stuff" amongst all the piles of junk. It takes a good eye and more patience than most people could ever muster. But somehow I am always complimented on my clothing and accessories. I'm always happy to share that I found a particular item second-hand for two dollars. In fact, the weekend before last was the first time I had stepped into a "real" store in months, and really, it was only because I had a coupon for 30% off, and 5% of my purchase would be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Some people may be disgusted that I would even consider shopping at thrift stores; but doing so has provided me with a more unique wardrobe (where "unique" is a good thing, not the "awkward, weird, and kitschy" definition). I always make sure things fit properly, and I only ever buy shoes if their soles appear to have never touched the earth's surface (and therefore have never actually been worn).

My apartment is also furnished and accessorized in the same fashion. Proof that this method actually works? When my friend made the comment the other night, "Wow, everything you own is such a wonderful artifact!" I definitely took it as a compliment.

Don't think, however, that this means I'm going to stop posting gorgeous gazillion-dollar totes, or sky-high Manolos! I just wanted to let you all know I'm a normal girl (with a normal budget) who likes to daydream the day away (like all normal girls!). It wouldn't be as fun if I could actually afford everything (well, maybe...).

Stay tuned later today for some completely unaffordable, swoonworthy things!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic!

I know Barbie's 50th anniversary is so last week, but I still wanted to post about it today. First off, you can see the entire Barbie portion of February's New York Fashion Week below (it's like their own version of "Looks From Life"!):

I swear I had a Barbie & Ken duo from the late '80s that looked just like this (except my Ken had a white tuxedo with rhinestone-laden lapels).

I would put them together, naked, in a shoebox and shove it under my bed for awhile. Soon after, Barbie's tight top would be stuffed with tissue, and minutes later, out would pop a couple of impeccably-clothed twin Barbie babies! Oh, the mind of a four-year old...

Remember my jumpsuit post?

The hair on all of the models is just too perfect. And the pink stilettoes? Oh so classically Barbie.

I'd also like to leave you with this hilarious tidbit. Hopefully it will make for a better Monday! I hope your weekends were fabulous (I climbed a bunch of stairs!).


Friday, March 20, 2009

One last little post on weddings (for awhile, at least)...

(Okay, this might be my last wedding post for a little bit. I figured I should mix it up a bit for all of you not interested in wedding ideas!)

While perusing a few websites, I noticed some great versions of the standard bouquet-down-the-aisle setup. Take a look at these original alternatives.

For bridesmaids in an outdoor summer wedding (when the sun is beating down and it's particularly toasty), try fans or parasols instead of flowers. They will thank you!

Or do both flowers and parasols!

For a winter wedding, instead of flowers, the bride could use a muff. Very classy, I must say.

Have a lovely weekend!


Crafting - Humongous Paper Roses!

Alright, these are just too fun not to post.

I'm on the daily craft email list from Martha Stewart, and today's craft was how to make these enormous crepe paper roses. It's a little odd that I like these so much, because fake flowers are usually not my thing. But, for some reason, these are different...

Editorial assistant, Morgan Levine, makes and sells them at her little online store, Amble Through Bramble; however, she gives a great video tutorial on how to make them. They're a little time intensive, but I think they would make great centerpieces at a dinner party or wedding reception (think three clustered in a short, wide vase).


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wedding Lighting & Decor: Up, Up, and Away!

Bride-to-be, Melissa, is wondering what to do with her reception space. It's spacious, has exposed brick, and dark chocolate wood beams stretching above - gorgeous! Because it is such a wonderful venue, she doesn't want to overdo the decor; keep it simple but still interesting.

The collage above exhibits three different venue decoration ideas, plus a little surprise ending in the upper right-hand corner. Let's start in the upper left and go counter-clockwise, shall we?

The lanterns idea has been all the rage the past few years. They're perfect for indoors or out, can be lit or unlit, and are relatively inexpensive (not to mention portable - they're completely collapsible at the end of the day). You can do a few, or go all out (like in the picture). The first time I saw this done was in a cafe about eight years ago in downtown Seattle. It had bright red painted walls and the highest ceiling I had ever seen. The lanterns brought the ceiling in closer so your eyes didn't get lost in the space. I can still remember being completely awestruck and wanting to replicate it someday.

Next is the parasol idea, which has also been done quite a bit, but not nearly as much as the lanterns. Hang them at angles (like in the picture) or simply upside-down over the dance floor, or even from trees if you have and outdoor ceremony (like in the movie, "Meet the Fockers"). If you have bridesmaids, you could also have them carry them down the aisle. Hanging them above the dance floor would reference back to the ceremony and tie everything together. It's almost a theme, but not too hokey.

The third option is Martha Stewart's tissue pom poms. These are probably my favorite out of the three, and the one that Melissa has talked with me about the most. They're the least expensive (but do require the most work), and they add a beautiful texture (and any color you want) to the space. When people ooh and aah, you can brag about how you made them yourself (or commissioned good friends to make them for you)! These aren't lit, but you could purchase slowly-twinkling white mini-LEDs and tuck them throughout the tissue folds for some sparkle, but avoid too many lights, otherwise they could end up looking like an X-Mas Sparkle Ball (unless that's what you're going for...).

The last photograph in the collage above captures a lantern release, which is apparently common at Thai weddings, but slowly coming to the US, too. It is supposed to signify the couple's problems floating away and starting a new, wonderful life together. When I first saw the idea, I was worried about all of the lantern pieces eventually fluttering back down to earth and killing fish and ducks and other small animals (there's my hippie side...). BUT you can get biodegradable ones! So cool! My guess is that the flame would eventually go out due to lack of oxygen as it ascends, so hopefully a flaming lantern landing in a field of dry grass isn't an issue... hopefully.

White lights are always a beautiful addition to any evening reception. A multi-clothesline effect like this would be beautiful in an open space with high ceilings.

Or, do the same thing with hanging mason jars with candles. If you're worried about real flame, frost the jars with frosting paint and use fake LED candles (frosting the jars helps because the fake candles are not very attractive on their own). The mason jar below is actually lit by a solar-powered lightbulb! A great solution for an outside afternoon wedding that goes late into the night. Buy them here, or make your own here.

What other ideas have you heard of/used? Please share!


Heat It Up

As the days are slowly getting longer and the temperatures start to rise (just a little), I'm noticing more and more people staying out longer in the early evening hours. Getting back into their running routines, playing tether ball on the playground, walking around together carrying coffees. It makes me look forward to truly warmer weather when I can sit outside with a good book, go kayaking in my bathing suit, make real iced tea that brews in the sunshine, and go on hilltop hikes to watch the sun set (yes, even in stillettos!):

What do you look forward to when the days warm up?


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My friend, bride-to-be Melissa, is a huge fan of letterpress, so I thought I would put together a collage of some beautiful invitation and save-the-date options.

While ultra-swoonworthy, letterpress can also be ultra-expensive. For an inexpensive DIY option, buy a silkscreen and some photo emulsion paint to create your own invitations by screening your design onto the paper. It sounds tricky, but if used correctly, the photo emulsion paint will make the design come out perfectly. You can also do multiple colored prints (although it helps to have good spatial skills!). It may not have the same texture as letterpress (slightly raised instead of sunken in), but it will still look oh-so-professional. Trust me. If you have any questions or concerns about this (or would like some direction in invitation design - or would like to hire me to design something!) don't hestitate to ask! If enough people inquire, I would be happy to post a silkscreening tutorial here in the near future.


1. Bird On A Branch, Pistachio Press (Etsy)
2. Watermark Letterpress, Elum Designs - great for those of you obsessed with typography
3. Save the Date, Invited Ink (Etsy)
4. Vintage Postcard, Golden Rectangle Press (Etsy) - my personal favorite!
5. Save the Date, LHCalligraphy
6. Columbine, Eden Invitations (Etsy)
7. Headline Letterpress, Elum Designs

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Looks from Life - Books

I love books - not only the words within, but the colors and textures of each cover, and how they sit together on a shelf. I may not have much time to read, but I can at least admire their exteriors!

I thought the colors of the stack below would make a lovely outfit...

A little yellow, a bit of burgundy, and some cobalt & orange, all laid on top of some gray. How's this for a casual outing to the library?

There's quite a bit of beige in the photograph (and you all know how much I love beige), but I decided to focus more on the other colors in the picture. I tried to echo the soft texture of old books by incorporating softer materials such as corduroy (pants), cashmere (cardigan), and weathered leather (messenger bag). The colors may be more of an autumn palette, but the top and flats say spring is on the way! Wrap the cardigan with the blue belt and you're all set.


Gray cardigan - Miu Miu
Red-orange flats - Dolly
Blue belt - Bottega Veneta
Yellow lace collar blouse - Milly
Burgundy corduroys - Alvin Valley
Leather messenger bag - (brand unknown)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Good news!

I hope everyone's start of the week is going as well as can be! On Friday I posted that I hoped I would have good news to share today... and I do!

I had a post-cancer follow-up CT scan on Friday and the results are clean! No evidence of lymphoma! You can probably imagine how happy I am, especially after I thought I would get the results Friday evening but instead had to worry the entire weekend away (actually, that's not true; I simply tried not to think about it and actually had a very productive couple of days!).

In other news, former co-worker & friend, Melissa, has asked me to help her brainstorm for her wedding reception! Expect more posts on wedding inspiration in the coming weeks... so exciting!

It's a busy day for me today, but for now I'll leave you with this frilly bride (well, she may not be a bride, but I could totally see that outfit as a wedding dress!):

Happy Monday!


Friday, March 13, 2009


I have a very busy (read: stressful) day ahead of me, so I'm probably only able to leave you with this striking image before the weekend. Stunning, isn't it?

Hopefully I'll have some good news to share with you on Monday!

Happy Friday/weekend!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looks from Life - Something Blue

Some may find this look to be boring, but me? I think it is perfectly classy and put-together.

I tried my best to track down the blouse from Brigitte Sire's photograph from earlier this morning, but the closest I could come up with was the Lydia blouse from j.crew (seriously, people, where would I be without my j?).

As I mentioned before, I don't think I could handle the hot pants (I had a very bad experience in high school during a dance performance...), but this black high-waisted Alexander McQueen pencil skirt provides the same feel while being a bit more modest.

Sure, the beauty in the photograph is barefoot, but these black patent leather Miu Miu slingbacks work perfectly if you plan on actually getting out of bed (but who would ever want to?). I'm a huge fan of different variations of black flats, and these are a great complement to the rest of the look.

For the tote, I looked for a color reminiscent of the bedroom walls in the photograph, and one that would go well with the muted tone of the blouse. It's also made of a soft leather, similar to the bed's comfy sheets.

You could easily spice up the look with a bright silk scarf tied around your neck or the strap of the tote. For a more winter-appropriate version, wear some black tights with some black flat boots these (from the Celeste post - I changed my mind) and a cozy pea coat.

What do you think?


Something Blue

No, we're not talking weddings. Instead I'm going to start the day off with this photograph by Brigitte Sire.

This totally reminds me of the boyfriend and I - I'm always over-dressed, and he's always completely casual (ha, except this picture is definitely up a few notches on the glamour scale!). I don't think I could pull of those hot pants, but that blue on her blouse is perfect! Come back later today for a little something on that blue...


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I daydream a lot...

...of different projects I want to make.
...of what I could be "when I grow up" (although I'm starting to think this never actually happens).
...of new recipes I want to try.

I also make a lot of lists, oftentimes of the aforementioned things. These lists always have checkboxes next to each item. Being able to make the little ch-check! mark is like my little reward for completing a task (yes, I realize this is very, very silly).

One box, however, that I just cannot seem to check off is the infamous photo-a-day challenge. No matter how many times I have tried, I always end up missing a day. Or two. Or nine... (The realization I have forgotten is often accompanied by a firm smack of the forehead the next morning.)

Now, taking one picture a day doesn't seem like it would be too difficult; but taking time to create a nice, thoughtful composition is actually a real challenge when you are faced with other "more important" (pfft...) tasks throughout the day. Plus, good lighting is necessary, but that's simply not available at all hours of the day and may not be around when you're finally able to take your photo.

This conundrum is why I present to you the following fantastic photo-a-day projects, all of which seem very successful (some are in progress, while others are completed from a previous year).

The lovely and oh-so-creative self-portraiture of Jude Hathaway

Fellow Seattleite, Kate Sawyer

And here's another great collection, but, sadly, the photos wouldn't load properly (reminds me of when I was sixteen).

I will check this box, I promise. And I never break my promises (even if they may take a bit longer to accomplish).

Have you ever tried to do this?


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Emerging Designer - Lauren Osmond

I'm loving these wintry pieces from emerging designer Lauren Osmond's collection, Elliott (via the Static Photography blog), originally released in December of 2007. View the entire collection here.

Such great details!



I chopped all my hair off last July to prep for chemo, and it's finally coming in thick again. I can actually sort of straighten it and flip little bits out here and there. Even though it wasn't really my choice, having short hair was a nice style change (as my hair had always been very long), and it often proved to be very convenient and easy to style; however, I am so, so, so excited for my long hair to return. I'm going to have to remain patient for a while longer, but soon enough I will be able to toss it around again!

While we're waiting for my locks to grow back, take a look at these fun (and a little wild) hairstyles! Gimme volume!

London College of Fashion

Hair or otherwise, have you ever made (or been forced to make) a drastically different style change (i.e. "I'm going to get a cute bob" vs. "I got gum stuck in my hair so I had to cut it into this [cute] bob")? Please share your story!

On a slightly different hair note, I mentioned the other day in my daily routine some hair products I like to use (I forgot to mention I'm head-over-heels for Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner - the mondo economy size with the convenient hand pump!). What do you use on a regular basis? What is your favorite?