Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And the weekend comes to a close...

I don't think this past weekend could have been any better! So much sunshine, so many friends, and so much time spent outside!

The one moment The Boyfriend and I did relish indoors was our breakfast yesterday morning: A smoked salmon and vegetable scramble, apples with honey, and mimosas!

Our itty bitty dining room table. Hey, we make it work!
(Especially because I found it half-off in the as-is section at Ikea a few years ago.
I definitely couldn't pass it up!)

The only fruit we had on hand (Fujis), perked up with some honey.

Scramble: Smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and parmesan

We were joined by our salt-and-pepper bears!
(And just to the left, you'll notice we used the thrifted juice decanter.)

I also got to puppy-sit my friends' brand new, seven-week old puppy, Gus! Is he a heart-breaker, or what?

The rest of the week is supposed to be just as beautiful (with the exception of a few small showers tomorrow). It's supposed to get even warmer! Mid-70s!

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. What did you do? Anything new and exciting, or just a bit of nice relaxing?



  1. We just bought the same peonies yesterday at Trader Joe's! So gorgeous.

  2. I should not be looking at that food while I'm hungry...I just want to jump into the picture and gobble it up...