Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mellow Yellow

Just as the meteorologists predicted, the rains have returned to Seattle. And just as I had predicted, my mood has definitely been affected. Perhaps my pouting is just hormonal (sorry, gents), but I had really started to think that the constant sunshine the past week or so was a sign that summer was near. Sadly, this rain has washed away my optimism like sidewalk chalk.

Yesterday evening, while waiting for the bus, I tried to cope as best I could by taking in a good dose of color: standing under my bright yellow, duck-handled umbrella, savoring my last piece of yellow candied ginger (left over from my disaster-turned-delicious cupcakes last week), and hoping I would get just a peek of some yellow sun through the cracks in the clouds.

It helped a little, but I would have preferred to have looked down to find myself wearing these yellow lovelies. Yes, I know these would definitely cheer me up instantly:


1. Zac Posen sleeveless picot-trim dress
2. Diane Von Furstenberg Tasha tunic dress
3. Jason Wu silk embroidered shift dress
4. Twenty8Twelve Monette A-line silk dress
5. Catherine Malandrino cotton petal-detail dress


  1. Great pic's. Fav is Jason Wu's shift dress.
    Yellow will certainly help give that lift. Just keep focused that Seattle is the best place to be from July to Oct. ♥

  2. I love these! They definitely put you in the summer frame of mind.