Friday, May 15, 2009


Have you checked out LOOKBOOK? My friend, Sarah, of love all this (the one who recently got engaged!) reminded me of it when she posted a photo from its great archives.

It's a fantastic source to see what real people are doing with their clothing and style (the site's slogan is "collective fashion consciousness"). Some of it is very emo/hipster/look-at-me/MySpace-ish, but most of it is very, very cool. I could spend hours on this site looking at the various outfits people have put together. One of the coolest aspects about the site is that LookBook users are from all over the world and are all different ages. It's interesting to see various trends and how they're carried out in different countries. Most are in the teens-to-twenty-something range, and I find it funny how some of the youngest people on the site look the oldest, and the oldest look the youngest. I'm also amazed by how hip some of these middle schoolers are! I know I definitely didn't look that mature when I was twelve. (Ahem, I still look seventeen...)

I'm going to share some of my favorite looks here, but you really have to check out the site on your own because there are so many to look at! It really goes to show that clothing is just wearable art. Seriously, take a look.

Oh dear! (I love the contrast of the preppy look and the massive ear gauges!)

dance, dance, dance (some of these girls are just so adorable!)

blue. (this girl is absolutely adorable - she makes little sketches to match each of her outfits!)

I love a lot of aspects of street style (the color, texture, and pattern combinations), but don't generally carry it out in my day-to-day look. Unfortunately, it's not always so professional for the office...

I'm rarely insecure, but oh how I wish I were cool (or brave) enough to post on this site! Maybe if I were a little more judgmental... :)


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