Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thrifted Thursday - Belt & Boots

Today's Thrifted Thursday is the first dealing with fashion!

This woven grass belt and burnt sienna leather boots originally belonged to my mother in the 1970s.

I get compliments on these boots all the time, and I love that I can say they're "originals" from the first Frye boot "trend" over 30 years ago. The toes are pretty scuffed up, but I like the worn-in look.

Regarding belts, I like belting them at my "natural waist" instead of using them to actually hold up my pants... much more fun (and flattering), and you don't end up with a weird lump under your shirt.

Sometimes I like wearing dresses with pants, too (as seen above). Maybe it's because of my time spent in India, wearing my kurta suruwal, but I guess this is a little different...

And thanks to the Boyfriend for being such a patient photographer, and for not rolling his eyes when I said, "Gah! I almost forgot, can you take my photo for the blog?!" on our walk this weekend.


Dress - Forever 21
Jeans - Citizens of Humanity
Boots - Frye
Belt - unknown brand


  1. i love love love this outfit. it makes me want to go raid my moms closet :)

  2. This is so cute! Those boots are great.

  3. Paige, this outfit is kickin'! I love the lines of it and the combination of colors. It's very spring, but I could easily see this being worn in other seasons to bring some color to them! Great outfit!

    I saw this and it reminded me clothing a friend of makes. Her name is Hannah Fallon. She has an album up on Facebook right now: Definitely think you could pull off an outfit similar to this on you put together with some of her vests, or accent it with her jacket for sure if you wanted to make it a little more "edgy".

  4. Nice but those boots are so fabulous!