Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What I'm Wearing Today (Er, Yesterday...) - 2/23/09

When I got home last night, I realized I liked my outfit so much that I would create a retroactive "What I'm Wearing Today" post today.

The trench and blouse aren't exactly what I was wearing, but you get the gist. My trench has a higher collar that I like to "pop" every once in awhile, but definitely not in the frat-boy fashion!

My Frye boots are original vintage - my mom wore them when she was in college! Mine have more of a wider cuff folded over the top, but the example is pretty close!

The necklace also isn't what I was actually wearing, but it's the closest I could find. Mine is from a little store near my apartment called bouncing wall, which only sells locally hand-made art, interior goods, clothing, and jewelry. Unfortunately, I can't go in very often, otherwise I would easily buy everything there! My second-favorite purchase from the store were some pretty letterpress coasters with a simple border and the delicate words, "cocktail, please," printed in the middle. A perfect gift for my two best girlfriends (and Sex & The City-watching buddies!).

You may not find it to be a thrilling outfit, but I felt it was perfectly comfy yet put together. A little mild with a bit of sass from the boots and trench!


1. Amaury Trench Coat, Diane von Furstenberg
2. Cali stretch blouse, K Karl Lagerfeld
3. Boots, Frye
4. Necklace, Mariposa via shoptwigs.com
5. Grey Over-dyed Matchstick jeans, J. Crew

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