Wednesday, February 18, 2009

She sells seashells...

I think the layered scalloped trend (some might call them fishscales) has come and gone, but I still absolutely love the texture they apply to any surface. Last summer, I was feeling really ambitious and decided to try to make a dress (keep in mind I am only a very basic seamstress). I must have been channeling Christopher Kane, because his dress (on the left) in the collection of items below is very similar to the one I was dreaming of. Unfortunately, due to my, how do you say, "lack of skillz," my dress never came to fruition; however, I hope to one day make some sort of version of it, even if it is only in the simple square form of a pillow.

And who could ever forget Michael's dress from Project Runway 3 made entirely out of coffee filters? Beautiful!


a. Christopher Kane scallop dress
b. Christopher Kane pink scallop dress
c. L.A.M.B. Scalloped Camden Open-Toe Bootie (this was originally a hideous banana slug yellow, so I took advantage of my artistic license and changed it to gray for the post - sorry, Gwen, I love ya, but that shade of yellow was not the best choice)
d. 45ÂșN flats (from Anthropologie)
e. Colette skirt
f. Stella McCartney blouse

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