Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Looks from Life - Sparkling Cocktail

While perusing Flickr, I discovered a beautiful photostream by Flickr-user *Cinnamon. Not only are her photographs wonderfully composed, but many of them have great titles (like this one).

When I stumbled across this one below (titled, "Sparkling"), I knew I had to use it as the basis of a post. The fizzy bubbles, the tiny lemon seed on the far right - they were simply perfect; but what caught me the most were the lovely muted colors... I just had to turn this photo into an outfit! Or two...

Sparkling by *Cinnamon

Just like the cocktail in the photograph, the first outfit starts with a base (in the drink's case, lime cordial; in the outfit's case, this sweet strapless number). Mix in something a little heavier (vodka; shiny leather clutch). Finish it off with a lemon wedge & 7-Up: Tie the beaded sash around your waist for a dash of color and sparkle!

Dress: Threeasfour - Sash: J.Crew - Clutch: Franchi

I created this second look because I honestly couldn't choose between the two. At first I wanted to stick with the cocktail look, but who could ever say no to this dress! The texture perfectly captures the bubbles fizzing in the glass, don't you think? And for the lemon wedge? These hot yellow satiny stilettos peeking out from underneath (just like a drink that sneaks up on you a little faster than expected)! Surprise!

Gown: Threeasfour - Shoes: Pedro Garcia

Drink it all in!


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  1. You're still a genius! I love this post. I've been sending this link to all my classy friends.

    - Sarah G