Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuck Me In

Yesterday evening, some friends and I went to happy hour, followed by a 7pm showing of "He's Just Not That Into You." It wasn't terrible - just about what you would expect.

One thing that stood out in the best of ways was the set design by Randall D. Wilkins. He made sure each character's living space was entirely original, and completely meshed with his or her personality. Unfortunately, it's too early to find good screen shots of their interiors, but I'll try to track some down in the future.

On a different note, one thing that bothered me was Scarlett Johansson's character's outfits... She had a tendency to tuck her cotton t-shirt into her belted jeans. I can understand a blouse being tucked in, but with the t-shirt? Isn't this some sort of fashion faux pas? Occasionally it looked sort of cute (*shrug*), but for the most part I had a bit of a problem with it.

I scoured the internet for a better picture, but sadly, this little peek into her trench coat is all I could come up with:

Maybe it was a bit odd because of the type of jeans she was wearing. They were rather light-washed and high-waisted; reminiscent of stereotypical "mom jeans."

Have any of you seen the movie? What did you think of this tucked-in-and-belted look? I really, really looked for stylish versions of it to post for comparison, but I just couldn't find any!

I hate to leave you on a sour note of bad fashion, so please enjoy the warmth and radiance of the picture below. Yes, it's another sunny, pseudo-spring day in Seattle and I am enjoying every second of it! This photo makes me want to go take a lap around Discovery Park. Who's with me?



  1. Fashion don’ts: ‘Mom jeans’ poem
    By Sara The Bargain Queen 21 September 2008

    Does somebody you love still wear these? Do them a favor today and let them know:

    I love you, but your jeans must go
    They’re so short, they let their odd socks show

    The waist is high, in the old-style manner
    The thighs reminiscent of MC Hammer

    The acid wash is carbon dated (said Buffy)
    Did you know they make you look quite stuffy?

    Time moves on and seasons change
    But sometimes people stay just the same

    Winter gives way to spring and moth, butterfly
    Likewise clothing changes as time goes by

    When ‘Mom jeans’ went out, boot cuts came in
    And we all rejoiced as they made us look thin

    Now most have moved on the skinny jean cut
    Which you must buy to move out of your rut

    You might be afraid but it’s really quite simple
    Buying jeans hurts less than squeezing a pimple

    Please go to a store, most stock jeans today
    Try on a few, take the nicest and pay

    Please don’t cling to the past for one more day
    We promise you’ll like living in this decade

  2. Ha! That's fantastic! I hope Scarlett's character gets with the program soon... Thanks!