Friday, February 20, 2009

Pop That Collar

I woke up to another(!) sunny winter day, and it was actually warm enough to don my lightweight trench coat instead of my heavier white pea coat. My trench is pretty basic, although one thing I love about it is that it has a collar that's a bit taller than normal. It adds the perfect amount of drama to an otherwise classic (yet a little plain...) look.

My little trench inspired me to seek out other collars with even more drama. While these are heavier looks, more appropriate for fall and winter, I just couldn't keep them a secret!

This one (from Vogue Nippon) isn't appropriate as an everyday look, but I just had to share. It looks so cozy, just like a cocoon.

This trench from Elroy is not only fashionable but also sustainable (fashtainable? sorry...). Their entire line is made from eco-friendly and socially-responsible materials.

This cute number is from Urban Outfitters and is totally affordable (50 buckaroos, marked down from $158)! Dramatic chic for cheap!


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