Monday, April 6, 2009


This weekend's weather completely erased my bad mood from last week! Yesterday was in the upper 60s, a huge deal for Seattle right now (especially after we woke up to snow a few days ago). I spent a good while walking around the city, taking pictures of the cherry blossoms:

I bought a great pair of cute tennis shoes (I've been searching for some for so long!), as well as some beautiful ranunculuses which I clustered in a stemless wine glass (below). My friend, Eleni, and I also did a bit of thrifting on Saturday, and I found some fantastic pieces that I will share with you in this week's Thrifted Thursday post. I had a hard time not posting them today!

Yesterday evening involved the boyfriend and I walking all over our neighborhood swooning over all the gorgeous mansions we will never be able to afford. Oh, how I love daydreaming...

I hope everyone's weekend was just as lovely! I sure hope this weather stays around awhile longer. You can definitely look forward to some cheerier posts this week!



  1. All my family in the Sea/Portland areas were much happier after the weekend too!! Yah for the sunshine (:

  2. love ranunculus! -m.