Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had a few friends over on Saturday evening, and while my sofa comfortably seats plenty, some of us wound up sitting on the floor, encircling the large coffee table covered in food (who wouldn't choose the floor in this case?).

I don't mind sitting on the floor at all, in fact I rather enjoy it (remember, this is coming from the girl who spent five months living in a mud house in Himalayan India...); but some people might not feel the same.

I was recalling this weekend with a friend when I realized what I really need are some comfy floor pillows (especially because we have hardwoods), or some cozy-cool poufs. They would have to be relatively compact, maybe even stackable, so I could put them out of the way when they weren't needed. So... I went searching and came up with this fun collection:

What has your experience been with convenient floor seating? What about storing them?


Clockwise from upper left-hand corner:
Rattan pouf (via Urban Outfitters)

Flocks Urchin poufs
AtelierAfra pouf
Zaishu (I've always
loved the concept of Zaishu. I've tracked them for years and the art is ever-evolving, but the design has stayed clean, simple, and easily-constructed. Truly awesome.)
Dosa pouf (this link takes you to a photograph of a woman with the exact coffee table/pouf set-up I'm looking to recreate!)
John Derian Moroccan pouf (They even have metallic versions! Although I have heard horror stories of truly authentic Moroccan poufs reeking of wet cow... Maybe you should try the faux "Made in USA" version.)


  1. I wish I were more help, as I can't offer floor seating for most of my friends. We wouldn't be able to get back up. Sucks getting older D:
    Loving the knit looking poufs! I like the look of two under a coffee table if it allows?!

  2. Our coffee table was a great vintage find at a thrift store and has a shelf of perfectly intact caning about a food below the tabletop. I've always thought it would be a great place to store floor pillows or seating poufs, although I would need to find something lightweight enough so it doesn't hurt the caning!

  3. the pouf idea = tres bien

    where do you find such cool finds??