Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thrifted Thursday - Vernonware Teacups

This past weekend, my friend, Eleni, and I went thrifting and I found a great set of six robin's egg blue teacup saucers by Modern California Vernonware. I immediately knew they would make fantastic dessert plates.

When I circled back to browse the aisle again, however, I noticed a small matching bowl and three matching teacups! It may not be a perfect set, but I think the color is absolutely perfect, and that the little scratches and chips give them character.

(I like to pretend my point-and-shoot is fancier than it is by cranking up the aperture for this washed out look.)

(And a better shot of the ranunculuses I bought over the weekend.)

I have a shelf above my stove and I plan on screwing in some little hooks on the underside to hang them from. What do you think?

EDIT 4/9/09: After some searching online, I discovered that the Modern California design was made between 1937 and 1947! How exciting!


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  1. What can you tell me about Modern California Vernonware? Is the company still around? How "vintage" is it?