Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away - Puddle Jumpers

Guess what... *sigh*

It's raining again. Typical Seattle drizzly mist. Ugh.

Rainy Day by Maka

And I have a hunch that this weather is going to stick around until late June. Those wonderful sunny days we had the past week were just a tease.

It's this kind of weather that makes me rethink a rubber boots purchase. I realize they were more popular for fall, but they're so practical; and with it being more of a trend now, it's easy to find adorable ones... but no matter the color or pattern, I think I would still feel like I was getting ready to haul manure from a barn. What are your thoughts? How have you successfully worn rubber boots? If you've chosen not to go the rubber boot route, how do you handle the springtime puddles?

Here are some cute boots (and yes, I meant to rhyme)!

(click to enlarge)


1. Green Hunter Wellington's
2. Stormy boot (via
3. City Scene Heart boots (via
4. Polka dot boots (via
5. Nova Plaid rainboots (via
6. Celine with leather trim (via
7. Chinese Laundry Swerve boots (via PiperLime)
8. Sporto Drizzle boot
9. Pink Hunter Wellington's
10. Burberry exploded check


  1. i've always wanted black or yellow hunter wellies, but too cheap to buy them. :) -m.

  2. I am all for rubber boots, but living in LA have hardly any use for them. I'd wear them with cotton tights, short skirt, t-shirt, cardigan and peacoat! Or tight jeans tucked in, button-up shirt, and trench... I could go on. You're always adorable. If you buy some, take pictures!

  3. aww, rainboots are the best thing about rainy days!! Living in LA, I didn't think it was worth buying a pair. Then my mom got me a pair of b/w polka dotted rubber boots for Christmas. I'm so thankful to have something fun to wear when it does actually rain and I have to go out in to that mess. I would wear 2, 4 & 10.

  4. Is it embarrassing to admit I've been coveting those Burberry wellies for the last 3 years? In college they may have been practical, but probably not to office. I think I missed my window!

  5. I think with the right pair, wellies can be great. I ahve a freind who wears them to work on wet days, then swaps into her more work appropriate footwear.

    Personally I think as long as you don't go for traditional looking ones, and choose a little colour, you should be fine!