Monday, April 20, 2009

The Commons

I woke up to the most beautiful morning today! It will be in the low 70's today and tomorrow, sunny through and through!

I had a fantastic, ultra productive three-day weekend. Ran a lot of errands, did a lot of cleaning, and even made the drive all the way up to the Skagit River Valley (northeast of Seattle) to go to the tulip festival! (I'll post pictures in the near future...)

For today, I had planned to focus on tulips... but during my search for photographs, I came upon Flickr's newest project, The Commons.

The Commons is a place to view the world's public photography archives, and add whatever information you may know about specific photos, therefore enriching the collection. Maybe I'm late in discovering this, but it's just too cool not to share! If you don't have a Flickr/Yahoo account, I would highly suggest signing up just to access this amazing collection.

Japanese-American camp, war emergency evacuation, circa 1942
(this title is a bit misleading, using "camp" for "prison"... amazing how they could still smile and look oh so fashionable during such a horrible time in history)

Inspector, October 1942
I love the color of her outfit against the plane.

Douglas Aircraft Company
A real Rosie! Her hair tucked up in that handkerchief is perfect!



  1. Don't usually see colored photos from WW2...quite interesting as documentary photos. Loved the dog photo from unusual and a bit surreal...

  2. great! thanks. so, how do you do that "hair tucked up in the handkerchief" thing?? i'm going to the beach in a few weeks & i have all these fun vintage vera scarfs... that would be so fun!

  3. You'd think that as a cancer survivor I would know how to tuck my hair up like that, but sadly I don't. I bet you could figure it out by combing all of your hair up on top of your head and essentially making a big bun on top near your forehead.
    Try to stay away from this look though: