Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning - a real "look from life" (and a little thank you...)

I hadn't made any plans for the evening yesterday and instead decided to start cleaning out my desk. I bought the desk a few years ago at Goodwill (yep, I've always been a thrifter!), and it had gone around from storage unit to storage unit in Seattle while I was living in Southern California... until now where it sits happily in a corner of my living room.

Well, it could be happier, really. It's problem is its terrible paint job. Because it was in storage for so long, and because of my lack of energy during my chemo treatments last year, it still hasn't been painted. The boyfriend bought me a fantastic orbital sander for the holidays (yes, I actually asked for it!), but the weather hasn't been nice enough to pull the desk outside to whip it into shape.

What I'm getting at, is that the least I could do was try to clean out the drawers as they had been accumulating bits and pieces since we moved into our place at the end of June. I haven't completely finished this organization project yet, but I'm so glad I at least started - not just because things are getting back in order after so many months, but because I came across so many different knick knacks, and I have been inspired to start creating again.

Now, four months after the fact, I have been realizing more and more how much my cancer battle affected me. I didn't just lose myself physically; I lost myself mentally, and lost my passion to create. Well, that creative drive is finally returning, and I'm excited to get back to the drawing board!

I wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments here. They encourage me to keep writing, keep creating, and keep finding inspiration in everyday life. Funny how digging through desk drawers triggered all these thoughts... I would highly suggest you all do a little spring cleaning, too.

You just might find yourself again.

A photo of me, March 2006, well before life got turned upside-down.


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  1. a) great photo.
    b) great post. i'd advocate for more like it.