Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thrifted Thursday - Small Metal Cups

After seeing the past three Thrifted Thursdays, you can probably guess that my favorite sections at thrift stores are the dishes and housewares aisles. It's the first section I always head to. I love finding new plates, containers, teacups, everything! Well, today's items continue with this trend in the form of two little perforated metal cups:

I know nothing about these little cups other that when I saw them at Goodwill I knew I had to use them for something (they were only $0.99 for both so I didn't think twice about snatching them up).

Last month I wrote about my daily routine; but I didn't talk about how I organize my vanity where I get ready every morning. Well, here is how I store some of my make-up tools, liners, glosses, etc.

They're the perfect height so the items don't get lost in the bottom like they could with a taller cup.

How do you store/display your make-up? Do you have a favorite container? A make-up bag? A special case like the pros?

Also, if you know anything about these little metal cups, or what they might have been used for, please let me know!



  1. Veyr cute little pair of cups - they are beautiful. Hmmm, what could they have been sued for? Maybe with a glass interior and then planted? I have seen quite a few little cup/pots that have been like that...

  2. I was thinking they could have had a glass interior, too, but the way they flare out makes me think differently... if they had glass, they would probably have more vertical walls instead of slanted ones. Hmmm...

  3. i use desk supplies for my make-up! the metal trays/cups for organizing pens and things in your desk work really well. also, i keep a my first-aid supplies (things i don't use on a daily basis) in a clear Tupperware box (with a lid) so it takes up less space than lining it all up in a medicine cabinet.

  4. i need major help in this area! love how you do it!