Monday, April 27, 2009

Speak Easy

On Saturday night, I reconnected with some long-lost good friends at a Roaring '20s-themed party. The lighting was perfect, everyone was appropriately dressed, and there were even blackjack and craps tables set up (surprisingly, the host said he didn't spend a dime on decorating, but it looked great!).

I wished I had a flapper dress to wear, but I was able to make do with a brown satin cocktail dress, a tweedy, textured vintage jacket with cute trim & buttons (probably from the 1940s), and a feathered headband, all of which I already owned.

I absolutely love fashion from this decade. The caps, hats & headbands, the long strands of pearls, and the dropped waist dresses (which I can't necessarily pull off properly due to my disproportionately large hips - not that they're large on their own, just that compared to the rest of my body, they're a little off... TMI? Sorry...).

I'm also a huge fan of art and fashion illustration from the '20s. I love the art deco movement and its influences not only in illustration, but also in architecture and jewelry.

I have an art deco calendar above my desk at home that I could easily get lost in for hours.

What are your thoughts on the Roaring '20s?
Style-wise, what is your favorite decade?



  1. I'm a big fan of the 40s/50's style. Lots of classic and simple looks, especially the 50's.

  2. I love the clean look of the 50s, but I always have a soft spot for 60s/70s stuff. I grew up playing dress-up in all my mom's old hippie clothes

  3. Terrific post! I have always loved the 50's, but yoru post reminded me of the photos I would see of one of my grandmothers who was dressed in flapper attire. For it's time it just appeared so rebellious & fun. She was very much like that too.
    Sounded like a great party!