Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thrifted Thursday - Entry Table

Our apartment doesn't have much of an entryway. The front door opens straight into our living room, and it's a bit of an awkward place to greet or send people off.

I've tried to solve this problem by making a bit of an entryway/"landing strip" across from the front door using an antique table built by my great grandfather, which I "thrifted" (was given to me) from my mother. I've been tempted to paint it, but I like the original burgundy color. It has gorgeous original handles that I just love (similar to antique replicas sold at Anthropologie).

To be honest, there are usually shoes littered underneath it!

I put little hooks on the wall to hang coats and bags, and a bowl on the tabletop to catch keys and other doodads. The lamp next to it has a much more flattering light than the overhead living room light, so I placed it at this "entryway" so I can immediately switch it on right when I set my things down.

How have you created an entryway in an awkward space?



  1. awesome idea! i also created a "entry way" i'll have to take some pics and do a post! yours looks really good!! great find!

  2. That poster above the cute little table is gorgeous! I may be moving into a flat some time soon, so will have to bear your beautiful tips in mind!