Friday, June 19, 2009


I've always loved glassbaby, the Seattle-based company that makes beautiful hand-blown glass votive holders/cups in all different shades and opacity levels.

After finally visiting their site last night, I discovered their backstory: The woman who started the company is a cancer survivor. For her, the light from each glassybaby votive was like "that deep breath that we often forget to take." Simply beautiful.

A good portion of glassybaby's proceeds go towards cancer research and other cancer-related organizations (buy commemorative glassybabys here). Beauty is always amplified when it's combined with a good cause.

I definitely plan on including these more often in my personal events, and at the events I'll be planning at my new job I started this week(!).

They have stores all over the country, but their flagship store/studio is in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle. I hope I get a chance to stop in very soon!

I hope your weekend is filled with beautiful light, from candles to sunshine!


Photos from Glassybaby

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