Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Because today is Hump Day (aka Wednesday), and because I'm doing an interior design consultation tonight, I thought I would take a look at camel back sofas. I've always thought of them as perfectly elegant, and depending on color and texture, they can fit seamlessly with both traditional and more modern interiors. (Click on the photos for their sources.)

This one shows just how long this style of sofa has been in existence. 18th century?! Talk about timeless:

I love the tweed-y/grasscloth/vintage texture of this one, and the poppy/coral shade is perfect in any room:

Remember the premiere issue of domino? (*sigh* How I miss this fabulous magazine...)
Designer Ruthie Sommers recovered her camel back sofa in a fantastic, bright geometric fabric to bring it up to modern day speed.

This is a perfect living room staple that I know will continue to live on for centuries to come.

Now the next step is acquiring one of my own... Do you have one? Does it have a good story associated with its discovery? If so, please share!


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