Wednesday, June 24, 2009


During Season 5 of Project Runway, contestant Kenley Collins was constantly accused of copying famous designers' looks, such as the one below:

Look familiar? Kenley Collins (left), Balenciaga (right)

But don't go thinking only the amateurs design such blatant doppelgangers:

Resort 2010: Brian Reyes (left), Philosophy (right)

Sure, they have different shapes/waistlines, but their similarities are just too obvious to ignore. It just leaves you wondering, who came up with the idea first? And who's most upset about the result...?



  1. i don't really see that many similarities...sure the first set uses flowers, but the lengths are different and one is two pieces as opposed to just one. i would kenley's to work...the other, not so much.

    the brian reyes and philosphy set don't look the same to me either. if i saw these side by side on a website selling them, i wouldn't think they were the same. the cut at the top is completely different and the "stains" don't even sit in the same place...

    maybe my eyes are not meant to spot similarities like this...what do you think?

    also, i LOVE your blog so i hope you don't take any of what i'm writing as negativity towards you! keep writing and posting these awesome blogs!

  2. Urban Outfitters has been getting some press for copying peoples work too:

  3. I don't see many similarities between the Brian Reyes dress and the Philosophy dress besides the colors, but I like the Brian Reyes one way better!!!

  4. I'm pretty sure it's always the designers that come up with it first and the chain stores that copy. Chain stores and cheaper designers see what is "in" and take that inspiration for their own pieces. This makes the current fashions accessible for the middle classes. Everyone wants to buy the hottest designer clothes but not everyone can afford it which is why stores make cheaper version that look really similar.