Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thrifted Thursday - Bell Jar

I've always enjoyed thrift shopping, but when I started to get really into it (circa 2006), I kept noticing bell jars on thrift store shelves... but I didn't realize what they actually were for awhile. (Yes, silly, oblivious me.)

"That's the stupidest candle holder I've ever seen! The flame won't burn because it won't have any oxygen!"

"How is this cup supposed to work? It doesn't have a flat bottom!"

I promise I don't usually have such stereotypical blonde moments. (I still can't believe I'm actually admitting this happened... *smacks forehead*) It wasn't actually until 2007 when I returned from studying abroad in India that I realized these strange glass cups' true purpose.

Near the end of my trip, I had purchased a perfectly sized little Buddha. It was a typical tourist gift, but it really is beautiful; and because I had perfected my bargaining skills after five months of speaking Nepali, it was really inexpensive! *proud grin*

A few weeks after I got home, I found myself in a thrift store (of course), and came across an odd-looking jar that would fit my little Buddha perfectly. It was then that I finally realized what it was for. (It's still so embarrassing to admit how stupid I was...)

So I bought it, and voila! He is now quite happy and dust-free.



  1. i LOVE your thrifted thursdays!!! this looks amazing! instantly turns it into a museum/gallery "look"!

  2. I have a Buddha that my BF got in Asia that looks just like that- I think I will have to get a belljar for it now- it looks great under there.