Monday, June 15, 2009


My hair is sadly going through a very awkward stage in the growing-out process. The brand new hair coming in is great (much better than being bald from chemo), but it's much shorter than the rest that didn't fall out. I wish I had the courage to just cut it all off to the same length for a fresh start, but I've worked so hard at growing it out that I don't want to cut it unless I have a really bad mullet.

To avoid appearing like I have a mullet, I have been straightening my hair to the best of my abilities, and wearing headbands. This weekend I went on a bit of a headband shopping spree to add to my current collection; but I keep reminding myself they were all super cheap and that I can keep wearing them when I have long hair again (which feels like a lifetime from now, but extensions are just way too expensive). I now have ten!

Have you ever grown out your hair? What did you do to control it and make it a little less awkward? For now, I will simply disguise my frustration with my hair with these fun little accessories.


1. J.Crew houndstooth headband with faux buckle
2. Ann Taylor skinny tortoise shell headband
3&4. J.Crew skinny striped headbands
5. Wide Gap seersucker-esque headband
6. J.Crew skinny pink/orange/yellow floral headband
7. Ann Taylor skinny black headband
8. J.Crew skinny brown & white headband
9. Forever21 feathered headband (definitely a favorite!)


  1. Paige, Remember my short hair freshman year? I hated growing it out, it was awkward for awhile. I thought scarvs or bandanas worked well - kinda gives you a pirate/celeb on a yacht look. :-)
    - Jordan

  2. Fav's are #1 & 10!! All great pics Paige. I am humbled by your other blog & what you've gone through. My mom is battling cancer & in fact I am here in Longview, WA visiting her & was here for my son's graduation. Just knowing what she's gone through & my nephew when he was 5, opens my eyes & heart to what all those before & past have endured. No matter what you will love lovely. My mom's hair is growing out & she looks adorable. This time around she was given curly hair. My warmest thoughts to you.
    deb ♥

  3. I love 6 and 8! The seersucker one is fun, but it's a little Hilary-Clinton-on-the-original-campaign-trail-circa 1992. When I grew out my hair, headbands and bobby pins were my best friends.