Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Stripes

With the Fourth of July coming up tomorrow, I thought it was appropriate to showcase some cute stripey pieces that channel Old Glory, and liven up any outfit (not to mention they're all rather reasonably priced!).

First there's the navy/gray & white combo:

1. Stripe Puffball Dress, $74; 2. Wooden Handle Clutch, $30; 3. Zebra Scarf, 15GBP;
4. Stripe Bow Tied Flats, $40; 5. Low-Rise Seersucker Shorts, $13; Bandeau Cover-Up via TopShop, $33

And of course, the red & white:

1. Labor of Love Striped Dress, $294; 2. Slouch Bag via TopShop, $50; 3. Striped Origami Dress via TopShop, $58;
4. Stripe Shirred Waist Tunic via TopShop, $33; 5. Stripey Bandeau Bikini via TopShop, $41; 6. Red Stripe Dress, $41

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend, and that you spend as much time outside as possible! (Oh, and remember to be safe with those fireworks!)



  1. TOMS shoes has a cute pair of blue & white pinstriped shoes.

  2. where did you find those cute striped bow flats? i'd love to get a pair!