Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

We're taking a turn away from fashion today and on to art. Last weekend, I broke out my acrylics and painted a little bit. I hadn't painted in about two years, and realized I had really missed it.

The pug painting (above) was a little birthday present for my friend, Stephanie, and the barn owls (below) were just for fun. Both were painted on small pieces of plywood/driftwood I found at the beach, and they both only took about 30 minutes to paint; like speed-dating, but with art!

barn owl
It's also helping nature because I scavenged my "canvases"; they're both technically painted on trash picked up from the beach (see the nail in the lower right-hand corner of the owl piece?).

What do you think? Should I start it up again and practice, or should I pack up the paints?



  1. Well considering you're amazing at, say, design/craft/painting/drawing/styling/photography I'd say, yes, start it up again and practice.

    I could commission you to do something for my wall...

  2. where can i purchase these paintings? they're terrific!

  3. These are really good! I love that you "scavenged" your materials. You should definitely keep it up!

  4. keep painting!! then all of my early paige originals will be worth lots of money and i can leave them to my children in my will. xoxoxo

  5. Oh definitely keep it going! Really fun.

  6. most definitely keep painting, silly!
    so lovely, and the canvases are genuis.

  7. Wow, you are so talented- you should def paint more!

  8. Please, keep on painting! The pictures look great. I wish, I was that talented...