Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Thanks to a tip-off from some friends a few months ago, the Hubs and I snatched up a LivingSocial deal and took a quick jaunt to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island this past weekend. It was our first vacation together since our honeymoon to Seabrook back in September, so it was really nice to get away.

We hopped on the 9:00am ferry to Anacortes and arrived in Friday Harbor just after 10:30am, leaving us plenty of time to explore the island before we were able to check in to our hotel.

Our first expedition was to the adorably tiny Roche Harbor; however, before we pulled in to the teeny town, we stumbled across this incredible sculpture park. It just popped up out of nowhere! We took at least an hour walking around the grounds and looking at every single piece. One of my favorite pieces was the one pictured below. We approached it from behind and assumed it was going to be a painting of the entire field with all of the sculptures... but no! It was much more clever than that: a simple mirror secured to an easel. We had to snap a picture.

At Roche Harbor, we walked throughout the marina pointing out all of the different boats' names and seeing where they all came from.

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring beaches, lighthouses, and walking wind-swept cliffs and fields along fox and rabbit trails.

Experiencing nature with loved ones may be the most swoonworthy thing of all.


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