Monday, November 29, 2010

Anyone home?

Hi, there... if you're even there...

I thought I'd drop in for a little visit...

Guess what? I miss Swoonworthy.

A lot.

I miss styling,
and writing,
and the whole combination of it all that results in,

that's right,


I've been thinking about it for a couple of months now. I've just been so busy and overwhelmed with my job (which I luckily love!) for so long now and it's now all bubbling to the surface. I knew I wouldn't be able to continue blogging with everything else I have going on...

...but I can't deny it any longer. I miss it so much.

I also have lots of exciting news to share. Well, maybe not "lots," but two things, technically.

First, today is officially the end of my first quarter-century on this Earth, and the start of my second. That's right, my 25th birthday. You know when you're little and people ask you if you feel older and you say yes even though you really don't? Well, to be 100% honest, I sort of do this time around. I feel like I've been an "adult" for awhile now, but just the words TWENTY. FIVE. sound so much older. But in a good way.

Second, the Boyfriend and I got engaged back in February and are planning our wedding for late August 2011! I guess I should get used to calling him the Fiancé on here, huh? Anyhow, we're paying for the wedding ourselves, so we've gotten creative and have a ton of DIY projects coming up... which is one of the reasons I'm writing:

I'd love to come back to Swoonworthy—maybe not everyday like I used to—but at least to drop by every once in awhile and share some of my wedding planning projects and to simply document the entire process for myself. My heart is fluttering just thinking about it all (blogging+DIY+wedding)!

Alright, here I go again. Blabbing on and on and on...

For the time being, I'll leave you with one of my favorite engagement photos (what am I talking about, they're all my favorites!) of the Fiancé and I taken back in late July by the lovely Jen Huang of Jen Huang Photography (who just so happens to be a college friend of mine!). She gets to fly all over the country and take amazing photos. Lucky duck.



  1. YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! You are the best! How fitting, making your grand ENTRAAAHNCE on your bday! I like your style.

  2. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I'm so happy that you have found something and someone you love. After everything that life has thrown at you, you're glowing proof that people can create their own happy endings. I'm thrilled that you're including us in your day, and look forward to hearing all about the adventures many years down the road...

  3. Welcome back!! We've missed you!